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The following bonus points structure is in place for amateurs making the cut. For a stroke play event to be included in WAGR™ it must be scheduled for 54 holes or more, however if it is reduced, for example due to weather, it will still be included in the rankings.


Holes Played                 72 holes                       54-71 holes                              36-53 holes                  Fewer than 36 holes

Winner                            12 points                      9 points                                       6 points                        no bonus points

Places 2-5 & ties            6 points                        4.5 points                                    3 points                       

Places 6-10 & ties          3 points                        2.25 points                               1.5 points

Places 11-20 & ties        1 point                         0.75 points                                0.5 points


If a non-ranked amateur finishes in the top 10 & ties they will become ranked.

Please note: For fields of fewer than 30 players, only the winner receives bonus points and becomes ranked if not already ranked. For fields of 30-39, the top 3 players and ties receive bonus points and become ranked if not already ranked. For fields of 40-49 players, the top 5 players receive bonus points and become ranked if not already ranked.

Players also earn stroke points which are calculated on their score in each round against a RSS (Ranking Scratch Score).

The RSS is the calculated standard used to convert a player’s Counting Scores to Stroke Play Ranking Points.

In amateur events:

The RSS for a Counting Round is calculated by use of the formula (a) / (b), where (a) is the sum total of the scores of the leading (b) players in the round, with (b) representing the total number of WAGRTM Ranked Players in the round.

For starting fields of fewer than 48 players, 50% of the scores normally used to calculate the RSS are applied.

If fewer than three Ranked Players play a Counting Round, the RSS for that round will be the average of the lowest three scores.

In this example, there are 5 WAGRTM Ranked players in the field on the first day of an event; (b) = 5 
The lowest 5 scores that day from the entire field (not necessarily WAGRTM Ranked players) are 68, 69, 70, 71, 72; (a) = 68 + 69 + 70 + 71 + 72 = 350; RSS = (a) / (b) = 350 / 5 = 70

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