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Golf is greatly old sportive way to spend leisure time, because it blends in with health, social life and sport. Golf as a sport is being practiced all over the world.

The simplified goal of golf game is to hit the ball with the club as few shots as possible during the holes from 100 meters to 600 meters. Usually there are 18 holes on the golf course.

Golf is played as a company (1-4 members) and the 18-hole golf play lasts usually 3,5-4,5 hours. During the golf game you will walk more than 10 kilometres and hit the ball approximately 100 times. On average, 1500-2000 kilocalories are spent on the game.

Ca 4000 people play golf in Estonia, 2000 of them are active club members. Estonia has 9 golf courses

Photo: Kadri Palta

Golf is only 25 years old in Estonia. For example, there are 150 courses in Finland and ca 145 000 golfers. 

Despite the external calmness golf is actually enthralling sport because every time hitting the ball you need to effort physically and mentally during whole golf game. 

Many celebrities also play golf (e.g. Iggy Pop, Bacark Obama). In Estonia different athletes, musicians, government employees and  public figures play golf. To conclude, golf can be perfect to everyone despite age, knowledge or gender.




There are several ways to do this:

– In Estonia, golf days are organised three times a summer specifically to introduce the game of golf, giving an overview of the game and introducing all aspects of the game.

– Or you can simply go to a golf course of your choice and ask for a demonstration of how to get started.

– Alternatively, you can sign up for a Green Card course at a course of your choice or simply at the course nearest to you. A Green Card is valid worldwide.

– Once you have completed the Green Card course, you can play golf on your own or develop your skills with a coach or golfing friends.


Golf is a really competitive sport because of the system called handicap (HCP). Handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential ability. In stroke play, it is used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes actually played during a competition, thus allowing players of different proficiency to play against each other on somewhat equal terms. In match play, the handicap difference between players is used to determine the number of strokes the high handicap player should receive from the low handicapper during the playing of their round.


Unlike other sports golf is usually played without a referee because it is important to respect rules and each other. Only in bigger competitions referees are there to help golfers with rules and other questions when needed. 

It has become a good tradition to greet other people and for gentleman to remove headwear in the clubhouse. 

Clothing is also part of etiquette. In the case of clothing, there is a lot of room for interpretation, commonly suits polo-type shirts, regular trousers (not blue jeans) and sporty shoes. Of course, you can also buy special golf clothing from golf shops.

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