Estonian Junior Tour

Competition Summary

Competition classes:

U9, U12, U16, U21

Caddies mandatory in U9 class. Recommended in U12.

Entry fee:
U21 and U16 – 25 euros
U12 and U9 klass – 0 euros

No lunch included in the entry fee.

U21, U16, U12, stroke play 18 holes
​U9, stroke play 9 holes (special tees)
Max score rule (10)

Leaderboard points:
The 30 best players earn points in each stage. Double value points at the Estonian Junior Open. The results of the five best stages (four of the U9 competition classes) will be taken into account.


Competition course

2021 Junior Tour Results

Pärnu Bay Golf Links

White Beach Golf

Niitvälja Golf (Estonian Junior Open)*

Otepää Golf

Saaremaa Golf & Country Club

Niitvälja Golf

Rae Golf

Estonian Golf & Country Club

* – Estonian Junior Open is a competition for U12, U16 and U21 age groups and the rules apply according to the Estonian Junior Open competition instructions. The Estonian Junior Open does not count in U9 competition classes.



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