Golf restaurants

There are often restaurants at the golf courses where you can enjoy tasteful meals and beautiful views to course.


EGCC, Da Vinci golfrestaurant

Da Vinci is an Italian restaurant chain with 16 years of experience, which has gathered its best experience and love for Italian food at Jõelähtme Golf Center, giving it a sense of  a barbecue restaurant. The self-service coffee station is also opened next to the caddy-master.

Seats:winter 60, summer 80

Address:Klubi tee 4, Manniva, 74217 Harju maakond

Phone:+372 602 5294

Opening times:April-October

Niitvälja Golfcenter restaurant T19

T19 Resto is for the visitors of Niitvälja Golf Center and the surrounding residents both for quick meals and for offering taste pleasures in a calmer atmosphere. Whether it’s a snack, a breakfast, a lunch break or a dinner, a celebration of an important anniversary or a company party – T19 Restos always offers delicious and enjoyable food made only from high-quality ingredients.



Address:Niitvälja, Niitvälja Golfikeskus

Phone:+372 5323 2569

Opening times:April-October

Otepää Golf restaurant Privileeg

The Privileeg Restaurant has a room 150 people in the indoor restaurant + u.70 on the terrace, in addition to the 20 in the fireplace room, 24 in the A Le Coq lounge and 200 in the large lounge.
You can always add tents and organize events for 500 to 1000 people.



Address:Mäha küla, Otepää vald Valgamaa 67409 Eesti

Opening times:April-October

Pärnu Bay Golf Links restaurant Eagle

At the Eagle restaurant you can admire the breathtaking views of the sea and the golf course and enjoy the sunny flavours of European cuisine.



Address:Klubi tee 1, Reiu village, Häädemeeste, Pärnumaa Estonia

Phone:+372 44 92 222

Opening times:April-October

Rae Golf restaurant Tuulte Maa

The Tuulte Maa restaurant team wants to offer you special tastes and an experience that starts with eating with your eyes! Take a moment and indulge in good tastes and a little luxury!


Address:Suuregolfi, Golfi tee, Suuresta

Phone:+372 524 7700

Opening times:April-October

Saare Golfi restoran MO

Restaurant MO is a modern European country-club style restaurant with a focus on customer comfort and well-being. The menu is combined with modern European cuisine and local high-quality ingredients. 

Seats:winter 70, summer 100

Address:Merikotka 35, Kuressaare

Phone:+372 453 3502

Opening times:April-October

White Beach Golf restoran

We are located 10 minutes from the center of Pärnu in Valgeranna. Our kitchen is European in style – we use as many fresh and natural ingredients as possible, and our menu offers something for everyone. 

Seats:winter 80, summer 170

Address:Golfiklubi, Valgeranna , Pärnu linn 88326

Phone:+372 442 9930

Opening times:April-October

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