90 competitors, from seven countries in EstAm

Estonian Amateur Open, which will be the first of the Estonian Golf Union competitions, will bring six top ranked TOP1000 amateur golfers to Saaremaa. In addition to Estonian players, the list of competitors includes representatives of Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Scotland and Italy.

The winners of the three-day competition, that will start on Friday, will be named after a 72-hole match play. Men’s title is defended by Rasmus Karlsson from Finland. In the men’s competition there are seven of the TOP10 players of the previous year, and they all are craving for the defeat of Karlsson.

Estonian Amateur Open has been held since 2004, and Estonians have only been able to leave with the cup twice. In 2006, Paul Põhi won at Niitvälja and 2015 Egeti Liiv in Saaremaa. The best result has been played by Kim Koivu, who is currently active at the European Tour, in 2016 he won with the score of -10 in Pärnu Bay.

In womens class Mari Suursalu has left with the title twice, in 2005 and 2007.

Starting this Friday, follow the results here.

List of competitors