Aadusaar finished third at an Alps Tour tournament thanks to an amazing last day

Foto: Joosep Martinson

This week, an Alps Tour tournament was held in Italy at the Miglianico Golf & Country Club. The brand-new reigning Estonian Champion Sander Aadusaar finished the last day with an excellent 63 strokes (7), which was the best score in the last round and helped him achieve a tie for the third place with the final result of 10 (66, 71, 63). The Frenchman Oihan Guillamoundeguy won his first Alps Tour tournament with the result of 13. In addition to Guillamoundeguy, the Dutchman Day Porsius with the result of 12 also outperformed Aadusaar. Results

This was the first top three position for Aadusaar at the Alps Tour. Once before, he has managed the same at a Nordic League tournament.

However, the most important nuance here is reaching the 38th position in the season’s ranking, which most likely means that Aadusaar will remain in the top 50 at the end of the season and will also secure a spot for the next season.

Aadusaar will play his next tournament in the second half of August when, for the first time in his life, he can put his skills to the test on the next level, at a Challenge Tour tournament, where Mark Suursalu will help him out as a caddie. Vierumäki Challenge will be held from the 17th until the 20th of August.