Changes in age groups

Foto: EGL

EGA (European Golf Association) has confirmed the Mid-Amateur class as the new age limit of 25, and based on this, the new Mid-Am age class will be 25 in Estonia from 2021. This means that those players who are 25 on the competition day can participate in the Mid-Am Open at the end of June.

The men’s class medals will therefore have the opportunity to compete, for example, among Estonian champions Marten Palm (2013, 2015) and Martin Järve (2014), among others. In the women’s class, for example, Annika Koitmaa (5x Estonian champion), Mari Hütsi (2013 Estonian champion), Lil Kuuli (2010 Estonian champion), Merlin Kasak (2009 match play silver and 2019 bronze), etc. 

In addition to the change in the age limit for the Mid-Am age class, it was decided to add two age classes to the seniors’ competition. This summer, men will be playing medals for the 70+ age group for the first time, and women will have the 65+ age group. As an additional comment, it can be said that 80+ class championships are already held in some countries!

As an additional competition, there will be a matchplay championship for young people (up to 21 years old), which will be held this year on June 26-27 in Pärnu.

Photo: Ivo Kraus