Dear golf player!

We have good news for you! Yesterday, the Ministry of Culture published new rules related to the field of sports, which will ease the existing restrictions from Saturday, May 2.

What will change?

1) Outdoor training is allowed in groups of up to 10 members. It means that:

  • we can play golf in flights of four;
  • our golf centers can once again run green card courses;
  • pros and coaches can continue working on our swing

2) Pro-shops and restaurants can be reopened in clubhouses
3) By decision of the EGL RHCR committee, General Play rounds are allowed

What won’t change?

1) It is forbidden to organize competitions;
2) Changing rooms and saunas will remain closed;
3) The 2 + 2 rule remains valid, even in flights of four. In particular, please avoid taking pictures with your flight of four and posting them;
4) Golf centers have an obligation to ensure the disinfection of rental equipment.

What else needs to be considered?

1) Golf centers have an obligation not to allow, people with symptoms, to play;
2) Golf centers are responsible for minimizing the exposure of persons at risk (particularly the elderly and people with chronic illnesses and immunodeficiency) to other persons;

This may mean that some golf centers, for example ask participants of a green card course to fill out health declarations and set rules that specify local conditions. Please consider them.

If you have additional questions, write to:

Stay healthy!

Erki Mölder
President of the Estonian Golf Association