Estonian Junior Tour 2024

The Estonian Junior Tour of 2024 consists of six stages, and in addition, the Estonian Junior Open is also taken into account in the older age groups. The final stage is a championship stage, which in the older age groups lasts for two days and is included in the world amateur golf rankings.

10 June – Saare Golf
1 July – Rae Golf
15 July – Pärnu Bay Golf Links
23 July – White Beach Golf
6–8 August* – Estonian Junior Open
19 August – Otepää Golf Center
25–26 August** – Estonian Golf & Country Club

* – The Estonian Junior Open is a competition for the U12, U16, and U21 age groups, and the rules apply according to the Estonian Junior Open competition guide. The Estonian Junior Open does not count towards the U9 competition class.

** – The final stage is a two-day competition for the U16 and U21 age groups, played over three rounds. For the U9 and U12 age groups, the final stage is a one-day event.