General Play rounds allowed from 02.05

As a decision of the RHCR Committee, General Play (old name EDS) rounds are allowed on all Estonian courses starting May 2nd. A good opportunity for all players to start testing their spring game level and watch how the new WHS system starts to change their HCP Index. What has changed in the new year compared to the previous year?

The main changes:

  • You will no longer be able to enter practice rounds in the GolfBox this year
  • To pre-register for General Play, simply inform the marker before the round that you are playing General Play round
  • Only a person who has a valid EGL license can be a marker
  • Each home club sets its own way to insert a scorecard, which can be electronic only (GolfBox web / app)
  • The General Play round must be entered and confirmed by the marker before midnight. At midnight, the system automatically calculates a new handicap.

During the special rules on the golf courses, that are valid due to circumstances, the GP result is taken into account even if the flagpole and / or hole is lined or the bottom of the hole is raised and the ball rests on the flagpole or lining or hole bottom elevation.

If you want to find out more about the changes that have come with the WHS system, you can do so on the website: