Junior Tour’s season’s best players awarded

Foto: Allan Mehik

Yesterday, Junior Tour’s last, the seventh stage was held at Rae Golf, and the season’s best players are now clear. In total, the average number of players to start the competition was 75.1, which is the second-best result. Compared to last year, this meant a 13.9% growth in numbers, but this result still didn’t reach the numbers of the summer of 2021, when an average of 78.1 players started Junior Tour stages. However, a record number of players, 130, took part in Junior Open, which also counted towards most competition classes. The opening stage of the season that was held at White Beach Golf and also counted towards the Latvian Junior Tour had the highest number of players (87). Along with Junior Open, there were altogether 194 different participants who took part in at least one competition.

Sportland, Tallink and Nike helped set up and fill the awards’ table of the competition. Many thanks to all the courses where the stages took place and a very special thank you to the Golf Friends Club thanks to whom the best junior players are going on a competition trip to Spain in spring.

The season’s best players this year were as follows:

U21 girls

1. Danielle Truusa (Estonian Golf & Country Club) 316 points
2. Lill Kangust (Estonian Golf & Country Club) 279 points
3. Nele-Liis Teekel (Valgeranna Golfiklubi) 237

U21 boys

1. Aivar Paalberg (Niitvälja Golf) 280 points
2. Karl Kreevs (Niitvälja Golf) 252 points
3. Robin Udodov (Niitvälja Golf) 248 points

U16 girls

1. Iiris Mätas (Rae Golfiklubi) 321 points
2. Kristella Sikk (Niitvälja Golf) 274 points
3. Kirke Kiige (Rae Golfiklubi) 266 points

U16 boys

1. Hart Oskar Aoveer (Niitvälja Golf) 299 points
2. Kaspar Urh Jamnik (Tartu Golfiklubi) 268 points
3. Rasmus Kivila Jr (Niitvälja Golf) 235 points

U12 girls

1. Brenda Paalberg (Niitvälja Golf) 330 points
2. Nora Marleen Animägi (Saaremaa Golf & Country Club) 294 points
3. Maria Mätas (Rae Golfiklubi) 284 points

U12 boys

1. Kris Kuusk (Saaremaa Golf & Country Club) 313 points
2. Lui Saat (Niitvälja Golf) 267 points
3. Hans-Christian Kibus (Niitvälja Golf) 260 points

U9 girls

1. Rosanna Veskimeister (Rae Golfiklubi) 250 points
2. Sophie Helene Karu (Valgeranna Golfiklubi) 230 points
3. Lumia Saat (Niitvälja Golf) 205 points

U9 boys

1. Mathias Lepp (Saaremaa Golf & Country Club) 248 points
2. Albert Järvekülg (Valgeranna Golfiklubi) 238 points
3. Remo Sildvee (Rae Golfiklubi) 210 points