Kivila returns from the U16 European Championships with the 15th place

Foto: EGL

Today, the U16 European Championships ended in Slovakia. Parima tulemuse eestlastest sai kirja Rasmus Kivila Jr achieved the best result out of all Estonians: his score on all three days was 74 strokes (total result +3), which gave him the 15th place. Hart Oskar Aoveer’s rounds were 77, 79 and 77, which secured him a tie for the 37th place. With a great lead before other players, the Englishman Ben Bolton was crowned winner. Results

In the girls’ class, Iiris Mätas tied for the 47th place (rounds 81, 81, 80) and Kirke Kiige finished at the 52nd position in the final score table (rounds 81, 85, 84). Natalia Aparicio, representing Italy, was crowned winner. Results

In the team competition, Estonia achieved the 23rd place. Wales’ result was better than ours by one stroke and Portugal’s by two strokes. In the team competition, first place belonged to France. Results

Rasmus Kivila Jr’s 15th place is the second-best position for an Estonian player in the history of the competion. Only Carl Hellat’s tie for the fourth place in 2017 has so far outperformed all other results. Richard Teder achieved the 16th place in 2019.