Latvia wins the Baltic Champions Cup for the first time

Foto: EGL

Last weekend, the Baltic Champions Cup was held in Latvia and, on the fifth try, the Latvian team was crowned winner for the first time. Team Estonia came in second this time and the third place belonged to Lithuania.

On the opening day, foursome matches were played at the Jūrmala Golf Club and the Estonian team took the lead both against Latvia (3.5−2.5) as well as Lithuania (4-2). Unfortunately, in the individual matches that took place on Sunday at the Ozo Golf Club Latvia managed to use their home court advantage well and, so, Estonians had to admit defeat with the result 8-10. We were better than Lithuania with the score 11.5−6.5. Latvia, on the other hand, beat Lithuania 11-7. Results

The team comprised of players from different age classes. This time, Elizaveta Sofia Reemet, Iiris Mätas, Getter Saaroja, Triinu Tombak, Kristel Ulla, Sirje Eichelmann, Hart Oskar Aoveer, Karl Kreevs, Kristo Tullus, Janar Toomesso, Priit Põldoja and Tarmo Villemi represented Estonia. The only one to bring home four winning points was Iiris Mätas, the youngest member of the team.

Next year, the competition will take place in the middle of September in Lithuania.

1. Latvia

Baltic Champions Cup 2023

2. Estonia

Baltic Champions Cup 2023

3. Lithuania

Baltic Champions Cup 2023