Niitvälja Cup on new dates

Traditionally, the Niitvälja Cup is held on the first weekend in July. Unfortunately, the success of the Estonian men’s team at the European Team Championships would mean that our best players would have to be in two places at the same time. Namely, the Division I tournament already starts with a practice round on Sunday and the team therefore has to fly to the venue, this time near London, on Saturday evening at the latest. The team will also have to fly to Bulgaria, where the U18 boys’ team tournament is taking place, on Sunday at the latest, while the Niitvälja Cup would still be in full swing.

In search of the best possible solution with the organisers of the Niitvälja Cup, the Estonian Golf Union received a notification from the organisers on Sunday evening that the Niitvälja Cup will take place from 29 June to 1 July this year. This means that both the men’s and junior men’s teams will be able to head to the European Team Championships in time to take part in the Niitvälja Cup. The Estonian Golf Association thanks Niitvälja Golf for their decision to move the tournament with its great tradition to a place out of the usual usual place, as this tournament is certainly very important for all players of the Estonian golf teams.