Triin Marleen Ustal made it into the WAGR rankings

Foto: Kadri Palta

It’s great to see another young golfer making it into the world amateur golf rankings. Winning the Estonian Junior Open in the U21/U18 WAGR class at Niitväla has brought Rae Golf Club’s Triin Marleen Ustal into the ranking. In the women’s ranking, Anete Liis Adul currently holds the highest place, at 599 (593 a week earlier) and Karola Soe holds the 1000th position (944). Elizaveta Sofia Reemet, on the other hand, has moved up 627 places in the rankings thanks to her victory in the U16/U14 WAGR class in the Estonian Junior Open and is now ranked 1346 (1973).

Carl Hellat is currently the best Estonian in the men’s rankings, ranked at 517 (536). Kevin Christopher Jegers is second in the standings with 547 (546). Mattias Varjun is back in the top 600 thanks to the runner-up position at the Junior Open, ranking 588th (608). Richard Teder also moved up ten places to 861 (871), however, the biggest jumps in the rankings were made by Markus Varjun and Ruut Kangust, who won their class at the Junior Open. Markus’ new position is 1647 (1902) and Ruut’s 3874 (4838).