WHS has arrived

When logging in to the GolfBox, everyone should be able to see his/her new handicap according to the WHS system. Log in to the Golfbox and go to the results page. At the moment, there is Danish / English / Estonian mixed language as translation procedures are still ongoing. 

But what happened to the handicaps at a quick glance? For example, if we take a closer look at the players with handicap 5 or less, we must admit that almost all the handicap numbers decreased. Thanks to the new system, for example, the two best female players of recent years now have a handicap plus. Annika Koitmaa (Meos) is now +1.4 and Anete Liis Adul is +1.3.

If we look at the new numbers of the players of the so-called middle and upper handicap, it must be admitted that the rule is – rather the handicap has risen. Of course, there are exceptions.

If someone feels that their handicap seems very unrealistic, please contact the handicap committee of your home club.

NB! We remind you that you cannot change your HCP while playing in Estonia before 01.04.