Winter Championship winners: Sild, Adul, Raamat, Petter

Foto: EGL

Janno Sild (Rae Golf Club), Anete Liis Adul (EGCC), Raido Raamat (Saaremaa Golf Club) and Anne Petter (Niitvälja Golf Club) were crowned the winners of the three-day Estonian Winter Championships in Turkey.

In the men’s competition, the tension was divided to the last courses, but in the end Janno Sild, the president of Rae Golf Club, secured the victory with a result of +20 (86, 71, 79). Clubmate Viljam Põdra won a silver medal with a result of +24 (81, 77, 82) and a bronze medal belonged to Niitvälja captain Joel Rothberg with a result of +30 (86, 77, 83). Results

In the women’s competition, Anete Liis Adul defended the first place, playing +8 for a total of three days (71, 77, 76). Karola Soe (Saaremaa Golf Club) took the silver with the score of +14 (80, 76, 74). This time bronze will be taken home by Kairi Rätsepp from Niitvälja Golf Club, whose numbers were +61 (94, 90, 93). Results

Raido Raamat (Saaremaa Golf Club) won in the men’s senior class, whose three-day result was +29 (83, 81, 81). Second and third place went to Otepää Golf Club, silver to Juhan Kolk with a result of +36 (82, 88, 82) and bronze to Benno Maaring with a result of +45 (89, 77, 95). Results

Anne Petter from Niitvälja Golf Club won the most experienced women’s class, playing a total of +63 (104, 85, 90). Second place Sirje Eichelmann (Rae Golf Club) with a result of +67 (95, 89, 99) and bronze Kai Thornbech (Niitvälja Golf Club) with a result of +86 (106, 100, 96). Results