Decision of the extraordinary meeting of the EGL RHCR Committee

Postpone the start date of the eligible rounds (General Play or old-name EDS) eligible for HCPI calculation in Estonian courses until the end of the state of emergency, declared by the Government, on 01.05.2020 *. This deadline may change if the circumstances of the state of emergency change, as players, clubs and courses are notified on an ongoing basis.

During the state of emergency, we strongly recommend that courses and clubs, in addition to the measures established by the Government, also take the measures proposed by R&A to minimize any risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

At a time when there is more than a serious situation in the world and in Estonia, where everyone has to make an effort to limit the spread of the virus, golf can not be left out. We need to take all the necessary measures, while abandoning some of the usual ways.

In this way, the Estonian golf community contributes to ensuring that the current emergency period is as short as possible and that we can return to enjoying the usual golf game as soon as possible.

Heinu Klaas
Chairman of the EGL RHCR Committee

* – for clarification. From this year, only HCP-eligible rounds can be entered into the GolfBox. It is no longer possible to enter ignored rounds.