Estonians took two first places

Foto: Kadri Palta

In Saaremaa, the best seniors and the winners of the Estonian Championship medals were announced.

Enn Pääro (Niitvälja Golf Club) won +21 (87, 78) the first place in men’s main class, 50+. Thanks to a good second day Tarmo Villem (EGCC), whose final result was +23 (85, 82), rose to the second place. The same result (83, 84) was also played by last year’s winner Benno Maaring (Otepää Golf Club), but the result of the second day was decisive according to the instructions. Results

In the 50+ age group of women, the top three places all went to Finland. Anne Kokko won +23 (84, 83). Pirjo Sipronen won the second place with +29 (88, 85) and third was Pia Strömdahl-Koskinen +39 (95, 88). However, the Estonian Championship the top three are: Laura Kämäräinen  a gold medal +43 (95, 92), a silver medal for Ulvi Ingver (Niitvälja Golf Club) with numbers +47 (98, 93) and bronze to Külli Saart at Saaremaa Golf Club (92, 99). The result of the second day was again decisive. Results

In the men’s 60+ class, Peep Pira (EGCC) won with +15 (78, 81). Second was, Raivo Velsberg (Niitvälja Golf Club), who scored +22 (82, 84). Third place was Urmas Isok (EGCC) +28 (85, 87). Results

In the 60+ age group of women, Finland took the first place. Arja Nordström’s winning result was +38 (89, 93). Second place went to Margarita Ross (EGCC) with numbers +41 (91, 94) and third place to Sirje Eichelmann from Rae Golf Club +43 (93, 94). Gold and silver Estonian Championship medal goes for Ross and Eichelmann, bronze for Anne Petter Niitvälja Golf Club +52 (95, 101). Results

In men’s 65+ class, double winners were Finnish representatives. The winner was Timo Ahvenainen +44 (91, 97). After two days only one stroke away was, the winner of the previous year, Harri Juhani Sivonen +45 (95, 94) . Third place went to Mati Hiis (Niitvälja Golf Club), whose score was +46 (91, 99). He gets the gold medal of the Estonian Championship. Silver medal will be awarded to Ülo Polli (EGCC) at the end of the season, with a score of +50 (95, 99). Bronze medal goes to Jüri Kalda (EGCC),who had only one stroke more and finished with +51 (100, 95). Results