First place from Croatian Junior Open to Estonia

Foto: EGL

Last weekend, 11 Estonian junior team players took part in the Croatian Junior Open in Zagreb. Elizaveta Sofia Reemet managed to win the three-day competition in the girls’ competition. Reemet’s rounds at the Riverside Golf Club were 72, 71, 77, which put her three strokes ahead of runner-up Anna Giulia Dal Lago from Italy. Third place went to Lana Malek of Slovenia, who was already seven shots behind. Isabel Sirel shared 15th place in the tournament.

Among the young men, three Estonians made it to the top 10, but this time they did not manage to fight for medal places. Rauno Pikk was the best, finishing fifth with a -4 overall score. Long rounds were 71, 73, 68. Richard Teder finished eighth with a score of -2 (74, 68, 72) and Ralf Johan Kivi was ninth with a score of -1 (76, 70, 69). Ruut Kangust finished the tournament in 25th position, Rasmus Kivila was 29th, Nils Illimar Esko 31st, Karl Kreevs 38th, Henry Mägi 43rd and Robin Udodov 44th. Leo Zurovac, a local player, was crowned the winner with -11. Second and third place went to the Italians. Both Eugenio Bernardi and Gabriele Salvatore Costanzo, both finished with -8 scores. Results

One of the sponsors of the tournament was Reval Golf Club, who organised the President Cup, which raised 1500€ to support the youth team.