In Junior Open Estonians won in three classes

Foto: Kadri Palta

Today, in White Beach Golf, the Junior Open ended, where Estonians won in the three junior age groups.

In the U21 age group, Mattias Varjun (Niitvälja Golfklubi) took home the win with -6 (71, 68, 71). Second place was the away guest from Bulgaria Ryan Staykov, who played +2 (69, 77, 72). Third place went to Sten Erik Soo (EGCC) with a score of +5 (72, 76, 73). Timo Raukas (Niitvälja Golf Club) earned bronze in the Estonian Championship. Results

Like the boys in the oldest age group, an Estonian won in U18 class Kevin Christopher Jegers (Niitvälja Golf Club) won with exactly the same result as Varjun. Second place went to Finland, +3 (74, 73, 72) to Saku Tuusa. Third was Carl Hellat (Niitvälja Golf Club) with a score of +4 (69, 77, 74). The Estonian Championship bronze medal belongs to another Niitvälja Golf Club player – Markus Varjun, who was ranked T4 in the overall table. Results

In the U16 junior class, Finn Niilo Mäki-Ppäjä won with a total of -7 (65, 75, 69). Second place was Richard Teder (EGCC), who lost to the winner by 2 strokes. Richard’s rounds were 69, 74, 68. Oskar Schuvalow was third in the U16 age group (67, 78, 72). Second and third places in Estonian Championship are held by Erik Jurri (PGA Catalunia Golf) and Ra Seppel (Niitvälja Golf Club). Results

In boys class up to 14 years old, Estonians took the double win. Having a very good second day (-1) the title went to Ruut Kangust (EGCC) with 76 and 71. Second place was Ralf Johan Kivi from Saaremaa Golf Club who lost with only one stroke. The crounds were 74 and 74. Third was Finn Oskari Kataja +11 (78, 77). Robin Udodov (Otepää Golf Club) holds the Estonian Championship bronze medal. Results

In the age group of the youngest boys, Lithuanians grabbed two places in the top three. Giedrius Mackelis (72, 76) won with an impressive score of +4. The third was Kajus Pacauskas +19 (84, 79). Rasmus Kivila Jr, representing Niitvälja Golf Club, scored +12 (78, 78) and won the second place and Estonian Championship gold. The silver and bronze medal will be awarded to Andreas Robin Puksuu (EGCC) and Hart Oskar Aoveer (Niitvälja Golfklubi). Results

In the age group of girls up to 18 years old Matildas won. First place went to Matilda Svahn +3 (74, 74, 71), second place went to Matilda Gustafsson +8 (72, 83, 69). Anete Liis Adul (EGCC) and Karola Soe (Saaremaa Golf Club) had an equal result, but according to the instructions Anete Liis was the third and Estonian Champion gold medalist and Karola Soe the fourth place. The bronze medal will be held by Mariliis Palm (EGCC). Results

In the U16 age group, the Finns had two best places – Helmiina Rutanen got +16 (76, 82, 74) and Elli Schroderus got +69 (94, 97, 94). Third place went to Lill Kangust (EGCC) +69 (92,100,93). Results

Alice Chernysheva from Russia won the U14 age class. Second place went to Mia Maria Jaakson (Niitvälja Golf Club). Results

The youngest girls in the age class were won by Hannah Õunap from Valgeranna Golf Club, who unfortunately represents England. Hannah’s rounds were 79 and 78. Second place went to Latvia – Katrina Bulkovska, who lost to Hannah by 5 strokes. Third place, best among Estonians, was Isabel Sirel (EGCC). Marta Mets (EGCC) took second place in the Estonian Championship. Results