Kivi competed in Portugal

Foto: Kadri Palta

Last week Ralf Johan Kivi competed in the Portugal Pro Winter Tour in Algarve, with competitors from all over the world.

The tour is open to amateurs with a good level of play, as well as professional players. According to Kivi, the Season Golf Academy golfers were there because of a coach from Portugal. The tournament is structured on the Swings principle, which means 10-day cycles of two 3-day competitions + practice rounds and a rest day in between, then a two-week break and the next.

According to Kivi, it was a good experience: “I went into the first competition unsure. I had high expectations for my own game, but I knew where my weak points were in my technique. I had high expectations for my game, but I knew my technique was not good enough, but I knew my weaknesses. I’ve grown a lot in the last year, I need to adapt and find stability.

Both of the courts at this Swing were narrow and with height gaps. There was a strong wind blowing on day 4 of the 6 day competition. Couldn’t realise good chances. The first competition took place on the Pinheiros Altos course. I played the scores 78-68-80. The score on the first day was average for the whole competition. I was very satisfied with the second day. Everything worked. Managed to play 68 which was in the top 4 of the day. However, the last 9 rounds of the last round were difficult. Tired to win, which was reflected in the score. The final score was 22nd.

The second competition was held at the San Lorenzo course on the Atlantic Ocean. Half as many competitors. It was necessary to play very strategically. Drivers could only be used on 3 tracks. There the game became more stable day by day. A good feeling was created on the second day of the competition. With the last round on the last day I managed to be in the top 10. With a score of 80-75-73 for the three days I finished 27th.”

Official website of the competition.